October 19th, 2010

The VA Wants to Hire Qualified Veterans



A Veteran at a job fair in Germany.
Want to work for the VA? Contact Veterans Employment Coordination Service (Email: vecs@va.gov or toll free 1-866-606-6206.

By Ken Mac Garrigle

Employment remains the #1 issue for returning OEF/OIF Veterans.

A recent 60 Minutes broadcast notes that unemployment for OEF/OIF Veterans is 20% -- double the national average.
While the VA hired 5,395 Veterans the first half of FY 2010 (out of more than 32k Veterans total Federal-wide), there is still a long ways to go.
So how do you *crack the code* of finding work with the Federal government?
If you’d like to work for the VA, a good place to start might be with VA’s Veterans Employment Coordination Service (Email: vecs@va.gov or toll free 1-866-606-6206). These folks are here explicitly for the purpose of hiring Vets. They can also help with your resume and other job-related functions.
Give them a call or send them an e-mail, and they will connect you with the local VA Regional Coordinator for your geographic area.